March 3, 2017


February grey is still the same shade as January ........grey, dull, dull,  dull.

but the all important difference being it is highlighted with openings of blue sky and sunrays in between the dank grey rain and damp haars from the estuary.

What a wonderful wild time of the year if like me you enjoy stormy winds and listening to them which I do with a  relish but I  must say 100 miles an hour gusts are pretty scarey even for me.  I have never personally seen trees up rooted until now and it is a very sad sight.  But despite all this ravaging most of the nests I know are still intact in the tops of the trees.  So unless the tree falls they stick  like  super glue.

It is with great relief after such weather to see  the regulars return to the garden as usual.  I suspect our pair of Blue tits took shelter in the bird box they have been diy-ing over the past few weeks.

Early wildflowers such as the delicate primrose and cowslip are showing themselves amongst the daffodils and snowdrops.  Amongst the multi coloured crocus, yellow is the predominent colour for February.


One night last week, just at the very moment of opening the bathroom window the ethereal resonance of honking geese passing  overhead could  be heard echoing for ever  around the neighbourhood.  What a gift at the end of a grey day.

But spring has definitely  sprung on 1st March for the birds.  The males are splendid in their vibrant colours  and are courting madly with existing partners or new ones.  Even if they partner for life it is still essential for courtship.

Every evening there is the joy of watching the last pair of birds of the day, the robins quartering the ivy together before the gloom finally closes into night and the songs of the blackbird and thrush send them to roost.

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.." Emily Dickinson