March 28, 2017

March and Hares

No excuses anymore its time to get out there and watch the spring close up.  My spring resolution is 2 walks a week to lose Christmas and operation weight gain.  No coffees unless I get off the bus if at least one if not 2 bus stops early......and no cake until Easter.

The first walk today was a wonderful one of discovery.  Visiting a tiny  local wood looked after by the National Trust I came across a brand new rookery in the making. The chatter amongst the rooks about was tremendous, mixed in with  exuberant Blue Tit,  Wren,  Greenfinch and Robin song.

The walk also produced some interesting pieces of windfall wood which is being collected for a new long-term art project I have been researching.  More details are this are available on my other artists blog

There has been much diy noise coming from the ancient Bluetit box under the window and repeated repelling of a pair of Robins who have designs on the des-res. Pairs of Dunnocks, Greenfinch and Wood pigeon have also rented accommadation in the garden.  

From the top of the bus Magpies can be seen sitting on their eggs already. Hopefully nothing freexingly unpleasant turns up in the coming  weather.

It was a voyage of discovery taking a walk through an ancient woodland on Wirral this week. (I did not know there was any ancient woodland in Wirral ) Carpets of white Wood Anemone and Yellow Celendine were blossoming all over with carpets of wild garlic and bluebells hovering ready to burst come  April.

Wood Anemone

Lesser Celandine


AND the birdsong is so  breathe taking after such a long winter silence.  Song duels are resounding  in the undergrowth and tree tops.  Ground nesting birds such as the Skylark and Grasshopper Warbler are calling to potential mates from their hidden nests, whilst Magpies are already sitting on their eggs in the tree tops.

AND saw the first Comma butterfly of spring.

 Sadly no hares spotted this year....