January 31, 2017


Whilst the rest of the country was having snow, gales high tides,floods the Wirral had slightly  windy and almost balmy days.  The premise being if the weather is awful here the rest of the UK is in dire straits.  Checking the blog from last January we have definitely got off lightly this year.  I am even treating the sprouting roses for blackspot already.

With not getting out so much this month and not being able to wield a heavy camera because of an operation, there are few photos this month.  But in compensation the birdsong has been  invigorating so early in the season.  Stereo Robins sing to each other from the front and back of the house.  Ensconced in my favourite if not tatty coffee shop I am watching a family of Jackdaws enjoying a much belated present of peanuts and bird seed.   It is  so nice to be back to normal things and dare I say it routine.  Without routine nothing seems to get done.

Observed 8 pheasants today that had managed to escape the gun.  It seems a family of consisting of several generations is building up around this particular safe field, which I regularly pass on a double-decker bus.  I do not know much about this species so it is on the list for further study.

I have seen my first cow parsley which may be a left over from last year rather than an early flowering for this year but either way is still amazing.

According to The Dee Estuary Bird Sighting blog a large group of Waxwings are moving up and down the coast at the moment.  This is very unusual as they are rarely seen on the west coast except in Scotland.   I have only ever seen them once in the gloom on a very cold grey day several years ago, so it would be lovely to see them again before they leave for Northern Europe again.

Photo by Gill Jakeman

After being lucky enough having badger spotting training I have now enrolled on a mammal id course on-line with Acorn Ecology, as a result there may be  a fair few blogs about latrine  id which is one of the best ways to identify who or what has passed by  on  a particular landscape.  Watch this spot for unique poo photos.

Thousands of seagulls have moved inland onto the fields in Landican this morning so it looks like we are heading for wild weather this weekend.