September 19, 2015


There is much movement of birds as some gather to leave and others start to arrive.  Swallows are gathering and started to move south on their way to South Africa, whilst individual Field-fares are coming in from Northern Europe. They will slowly gather in numbers until we can see and hear noisy groups feeding on Rowan trees. And at last there is some enthusiastic birdsong coming from the hedgerows and trees as male and female robins start to reclaim territories.

Blackberry shrubs are great places to look out for all manner of wildlife enjoying the fruits of this years bumper crop. There is already quite some competition over the Rowan tree berries between blackbirds, jackdaws and wood pigeons.  Fortunately like the apples there is a very good crop this year.

Butterflies are starting to look a little battered and the worse for wear now as the season is coming to an end.  New queen bumblebees have left their old nests and are searching  for their own over-wintering nest holes. Wasp nests are also starting to breakup and die.

The Virginia creeper is one of the first blazes of autumn colour to show and the display draped over the garage at the moment is glorious in its soft hues of auburn, fawn, red and russet.

The weather is settling into misty mellowness of cold mornings and cool evenings, but can still rev up to a good warm temperature by the middle afternoon.

With all this intense wet weather there are some amazing fungi apparitions appearing overnight.