March 9, 2018

Is Spring here yet ?

After the combination of horrible weather and even worse relentless viral infections, initially  there was not a lot of positive stuff to reflect on in this blog,  but  nature has a way of surprising the most pessimistic of us.

On entering the Woodland  after a week going stir-crazy indoors, I expected to find everything hunkered down and silent.  Not a bit of it, all the resident birds were letting rip in full song claiming their territories in the weak sunshine. The above Nuthatch had his head back singing at full tilt at the entrance of the pathway.  Further along, Blue tits, Great tits and Longtailed tits were busy establishing nest space in the bramble undergrowth.


The undergrowth was alive with tiny snowy footprints of rabbit and squirrel.  Migrant Fieldfares and Redwings had left  during the bad weather, not to return until next year.
In the water meadows Chaffinch and Skylark were singing in the warmth of  a watery sun.
Then the artic winds set was even too cold to go shopping.

Every morning in pyjamas before breakfast I was out breaking ice, clearing snow and spreading food for the garden regulars,  in hope rather than conviction I could make any difference as I hardly saw anything the whole week.  When it was all over there they were back as usual, the pair of Dunnocks, the nesting Blue tits, the loud Robin and Blackbird living under the pyrocanthus.  So you can make a difference.  I am sure many creatures died during the intense cold, but at least it is a quiet way to go, whilst the tougher ones live to pass on their genes in the coming season.

Will this late start to Spring hold everything back or  will nature catch up?  It will be interesting to observe.