February 13, 2018

Nature, art, poetry and most of all birds

February has blown in wet, windy and cold  and so much rain the water table can no longer hold it.  The brook in the wood  is almost bursting  its banks and the mud is well beyond wellies.   Despite this there has been a few bright glowing spring days of warmth and sunshine worthy of 20 minutes capturing  much needed vitamin D.

Juvenile Grey Heron
All the resident birds especially the Dunnocks and Tits great and small have become very excitable and are bonding with new or old partners.  There is an air of movement and activity in the wood and the first snowdrops and bluebells are staring to show.  Despite the chill there is no going back on spring now.

First signs of Celandine

Despite the ice Black-headed Gulls are slowly acquiring their spring colours

The rookery nests from last year in the wood  have completely disappeared from the canopy over the last few weeks.  One can only assume that literally they have lifted their sticks and moved somewhere else. Their racket will be missed by everyone close by.


At last my work has made publication  : in this beautiful book  from FAIR ACRE PRESS