January 4, 2018

New Life

Needing exercise after a very sedentary two  days over Christmas divesting the stress of the previous two  months (why do we have to build up the event in such a ghastly way?) I went and visited my Woodland project in HW.

It was like entering a new world.........despite the chill wind the wood  was aglow with a low hovering winter sun.  The trees in the canopies rustled quietly in the breeze and the birds............ erupted from the tree tops in joyous ebullient song.

New life is noticebly  bursting  through last seasons decaying leaf litter and the trees are  budding through old  papery brown leaves.

I cannot believe we have had yet another named storm 'Eleanor'.  Storms appears to be a monthly event.  Although very wild and cold Wirral came off lightly again compared to the rest of the UK.  The combination of full moon, gales and high tides  meant the estuary experienced some early high spring tides which was evident by the sign of flooding on the Dee Marshes at Parkgate on 3rd December.  This brought large dramatic swirling flocks of lapwings close to shore.  We were also very fortunate to see 3 rare Marsh Harriers.

Dramatic weather makes super opportunities for photography with the light and shade of low clouds in combination with low sun.