December 19, 2017

Storm Caroline

Every time I sit down to write this post it seems to be pre or post yet another storm.  Is this because we give personality and names to them or because there are more storms.

Anyway it was clear  something was on its way as large numbers  of seagulls had commenced gathering in large flocks inland  on their favourite fields, this they always seem to do when wild weather is on its way.  Sure enough the wild weather forecast followed 2 days later.   Large flocks  of geese also gathered in large numbers and flocked  higher up the estuaries away from the coast.

More and more birds will be migrating here over the next couple of months as the weather fluctuates over Europe.  Heres hoping to get to see the Waxwings this year, as they are due to arrive in January.

Fortunately as is usual on the Wirra,  forecasts were much overstated as the snow was minimal although the freezing temperatures lasted over 48 hours. Many seabirds where still standing on floating ice several days later as this has turned out to be a very cold December if not very white for Cheshire and Wales.

The shortest day 21st will soon be over and the daylight hours will start to lengthen.  The buds on the lilac tree are already  green swelling  and behind the grey gloom spring is in preparation.

If the sun does appear the low angled golden light  reveals the nakedness of the earth and gives amazing fleeting sights like  the above reed beds at Burton Point.   In the wind the birds huncker down but you can still hear them soulfully   calling across the water to one another.

All the garden creatures have been promised cheese scones for Christmas Day (all time favourite above all other food ) so that is what I will be doing on Christmas Eve trying to get them is important to be faithful in small things.

Wishing everyone a very peaceful Christmas