March 1, 2016

Buzzard in Prenton


A small (relatively speaking ) Buzzard has been seen in  Prenton  recently on house tops and  more amazingly in a tree at the bottom of a friends garden.  You usually hear them high in the ether rather than see them.  But there is no mistaking when you see one so close even a small one.  This photograph does not do it justice but gives an impression.  
Hoping for a better one from my friend soon.

The troglodyte wrens are starting appear higher up in the trees as they start to sing out their ownership.  Vocal competitions are a delight to listen too and they can go on for up to 30 minutes at a time.  I will be posting a recording in the next week.

Any day now we will start to hear Chiffchaffs arriving from Europe, but as the climate has got warmer some birds stay and over winter in this country so they will have a head start on their migrant cousins.

Black-headed gulls  little spot behind the eye has now turned into beautiful full brown mask covering the whole face. (Not the whole head as indicated by the name ).

Despite the 'warmer ' climate, Spring is taking its time and not rushing headlong.  One nice warm day does not mean anything if followed by bitter wind the next.  Fortunately unlike us nature is not so easily fooled.  Heading into a chilly March start only one or two more wildflowers are evident, the blue Comfrey and  Speedwell are starting to a
mix with the yellow Daffodil, Primrose and Cowslip.