February 13, 2016

Spring tunes

Still wild, wet and windy but the days are getting noticeably longer and the sun shines more often.  Everyone is starting to feel an  unexplainable  lift in mood, freshness and bounce in the morning crisp air.  BUT we are expecting a blast in from Siberia next.  Wirral weather is never boring or monotonous.

The Blackbird and Thrush have an intensity and ferocity in their songs of joy of being themselves.  Whilst the Dunnock sings from the tops of trees instead of lurking under the shrubbery, Woodpigeons can be seen and heard undulating through the sky over imaginery road bumps and smacking their wings together in a display to attract interested females.

Wildflowers are all confused together with some surviving from last autumn/ winter (Cow Parsley and Yellow Rattle)  mixing with very early ones this spring. (Primrose, Red Campion and Cowslip).


Buff-tailed Bumblebees are the  first Queens to awake after their winter hibernation.  These are fortunate to have so many  food sources around in this fluctuating cold weather otherwise they would starve.


Monster mole hills are in evidence everywhere.  This beautifully turned soil appears even in  the densest of clay.