January 11, 2016

Worth fighting for

All the birds large and  small are starting to become a little more aggressive and territorial in their behaviour.  With a garden full of food, we are worth fighting for.  It helps the food is dispersed around the garden, so more can get a look in than otherwise would.

Old nests are usually not used again because of fleas but they can be raided for useful material.  Species who mate for life are the ones who start fixing up nests first eg. Jackdaws.  They are very devoted couples even though most Jackdaws go around in large groups.  Whilst the trees and hedges are so bare it is possible to see old nests and amaze at the complexity and effectiveness of the structures large and small. 

The dog fox has been back using the garage again.  We captured a night picture of him on the mammal camera but he was so close it was bleached out.  There must be a way of reducing the intensity of the infra flash  to catch him so close.

Nature is a little confused with the unseasonably mild, warm, wet weather.  Some plants left over from last year such as Yellow Rattle and Cow Parsley are mixing with this years very early growth of Primrose, Cowslip and Snowdrop.  Self pollinating early flowering wildflowers such as Common Chickweed and Shepherds Purse are finding strangers in the bed. 

Woodland Cyclamen