December 29, 2015

Wild Winter Winds

Although we can have an awful lot of rain and wind on the Wirral we are so fortunate that it has somewhere to go, sandwiched as we are between the two estuaries the Dee and the Mersey.   It is a balmy sunny 15C today, warmer than many a summer day. Bulbs are popping the ground and buds are bursting along the twigs  in the trees. Daffodils, Rosemary, Primula, Primrose and Roses are all blossoming together in this strange winter-spring hinterland.


The wind has taken its toll on many trees, pruning and felling in equal measure, as this one at Puddydale in Heswall.

Whilst  taking a much needed walk on one of the sunny balmy days after Christmas I observed  up to a 1000 seagulls  flocking  over a couple of fields around Landican.  If I did not know dreadful weather was on the way in the form of Storm Frank, it would have been very foolish to ignore the signs today.  Even so the robins, wrens and blue tits were singing territorial songs in full  throttle.

Last night our dog fox was back using the acoustics in the garage again to call for a mate.  I have been putting the odd fat ball out for him, but one of the battling bros squirrels have made it a personal challenge to make sure no one gets to it.  I keep finding it perched at the top of the Crab apple tree, now driving the jackdaws demented as they cannot reach it.