August 12, 2019

Silent is the air

Reflecting whilst basking in the unusual silence of a  balmy Sunday evening it became obvious that the expected absence  of bird song was not so prevalent as I presumed at this time of the year.   In the distance a song thrush was making a fair copy of a goldfinch warble and    A languid jackdaw hicacked across the gardens to join  pair of woodpigeons ...'the Lord knows...don't you know ....from the roof behind.

When trying to identify and remember bird songs and calls I have discovered it is best to create your own phrases that represent individual calls.  This is partly because no  one song is the same  and it helps to recognise if it is the bird  you heard before and  partly it  superbly concentrates the mind on the phrases used by the bird.  I write these mnemonics down in my bird book so I can check them again.

The sitting finished with a visit by a pair of Coal Tits, whose 'whizzer whizzer' has alluded me for years until I was lucky enough to see them  and hear them at  the same time.


Red Admiral

Although peaking  much later than last year butterflies have been in great profusion. Unfortunately this cannot be said for the bees.  A steep decline in the number of bees and insects is continuing at a dramatic rate.

Painted Lady

I decided to have an attempt  at eco printing  'fresh'  green leaves instead of autumnal falls.  The final  effect was a more delicate than previous attempts,  as less mordant was used.  I have also since found out that collected natural material can be preserved for some considerable time before reactivation for use.  This takes the pressure out of collecting and using the leaves quickly and results in a  more planned considered arrangement.

Yellow and pink fallen rose petals give beautiful  subtle shades and stains to the paper accentuating the leaf imprints.

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