April 13, 2019

It is enough

It is enough that birds are................

There is so much to rapture over  this spring and time to stop and stare.   After the tiny two week rushed spring we had last year, after the great freeze,  it is the more enjoyable for being missed. . On the bus here today we passed several vibrant crimson and pink cherry trees which had blossomed full in the space of 3 days..... There are not words adequate to describe their radiance.


As a photographer and artist there is always the urge to capture the moment but we all know that is near impossible. So this year is a year of absorbing holy moments and sealing them inside oneself. In this way my representations may hold a better truth.  Although there is a danger that the moment becomes an end in itself.

It is enough that nature is as it is............if only we could leave it alone.

The blue tits are back in their ancient mansion under the bedroom window.  The male fiercely seeing off all other visitors to the garden and defending the fat balls from allcomers.  The beautiful beige fox is still pottering around at night and the blackbird and robin are  well into evening and dawn chorusing.  Come May the dawn chorus will be in full flow so I will be able to give the Audiomoth a good run. (Will explain in the next blog).

International Dawn  Chorus Day ....4th/5th May is a  live streaming event of all the birds singing from around the world. This celebration of birdsong is available at http://soundtent.org/

Spotted my first swallow  yesterday so summer is coming.

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