November 29, 2018

Eco mark making

After last years experiments with cyanotype, eco printing and nature art, this  next year we are taking the process  to the next level to produce finished pieces from all this experimentation.

It is time to try out new fresh leaves and mordants  in the eco steaming mix.   Starting so late in the year last time there were only  brown brittle fallen leaves which worked really well but in a limited range of colours.

With such a long drawn out Autumn this year it has been much more satisfying collecting more varied  leaves to steam with.  It has also been possible to be more measured in selection rather than just collecting what was available.

I have extended the mark making into using rusty objects.  Using the same paper and mordants the results are not disimilar to that produced by organics.

..........the slugs and snails quickly  finished working their way through the pages for a new handmade folding book for the North West Book Artists .

Nature art is always a long term plan and process in the making.  This slow methodology  seems to agree with my temperment of long evolved thought and method in final production.

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