July 23, 2016

Verges and Set Asides


This campaign by Plantlife is to encourage councils to manage the maintenance of roadsides with regard to wildlife and fauna.  Field set asides and road verges all seem to be cut regardless of the need to wildlife and seeding wildflowers, not to mention the numerous ground nesting birds and pupating butterflies and moths.  All it needs is a little attention to timing and all will be catered for.     Please consider signing the petition.

I   very much dislike July  as all is silent  as the birds become reclusive  during their annual  molt.  Fotunately the Dunnocks and Goldfinches appear to be  doing an occasional eruption of song at sporadic intervals.  The Jackdaws follow their own rules and are still trawling the neighbour-hood  gutters very loudly. 


It was with great excitement I managed to achieve a long time coming photograph of a pheasant (male and female).  In the wild they are very secretive and illusive apart from their  call, so the following photos were a real tick off the list.


As you will notice from the data recorded at the bottom of each photograph these were caught on a Mammal Motion  camera from Aldi, in the early evening at Ness  Botanic Gardens, (but I set the camera so take the reflected glory).

The next few weeks are the best   time for visiting wildflower meadows as pretty much everything is or has been in full bloom.