Sprouting Spring

From an advantaged position on the top of the bus it was possible to see the difference a week can make.  All the trees were showing signs of green growth be it leaves on the  Elder or buds such as Horse Chestnut.  Cherry trees are ablaze with delicate blossom soon to be joined by white mists of blackthorn and later hawthorn.  Below is a very  very early Oak spotted 2 weeks ago.  There is no going back to winter now.

Birds do close their eyes when kissing

Summer bird  migrants are already starting to arrive such as  Chiffchaffs and  some Willow Warblers. With such mild winters some of last years Chiffchaffs  choose to over winter in the UK so have already established their territories.  Early morning and late evening song is acquiring new voices as the days pass.  
It is very difficult to see these shy 'little brown jobs'  so providing photographs is a problem.

Attached  is a recording instead :   https://soundcloud.com/rarehare/chiffchaff-1


April is the time when wildflowers, bees and butterflies start to appear as the weather gets milder and warmer.  The first big show is the Cowslip that appears  amongst  the grass  in  fields set aside as meadow.  These are a particular  favourite  of Brimstone Butterfly.

As the month progresses The woodland floor will start to turn blue pink and white with carpets of Bluebells.